The Work Project

Bean Buro designed The Work Project - a new serviced office and co-working space in Causeway Bay that allows members complete freedom to adjust their office space and duration according to their evolving needs. 

The design concept for The Stage was driven by the poetic interpretations of the history of the waterfront district that is now Causeway Bay, and the dynamic atmosphere of the fishing community who once gathered under boating canopies. These qualities have driven the design for a set of feature, stepped meeting rooms, where people can gather around and under the sculptural canopies for meetings and events.

Bean Buro are the only architects who could have brought our dreams to life. Their passion for revolutionizing workspace design is truly unique and inspiring. Working with them has been a true pleasure and an unforgettable experience.
— Junny Lee, Founder of The Work Project

Original artworks by Bean Buro are displayed within the spaces, creating a wholistic art and architectural experience for visitors.

The project measures 33,000sqft (3065sqm) over four floors, with a dedicated social floor shared between all users, which features The Stage, The Library, and The Garden - with a vertical garden by the botanical pioneer Patrick Blanc. 

Click here for the launch event ‘behind the scenes’ short film.

The co-working spaces are a multi-sensory environment, designed to enhance productivity. Every element – including music, scent, refreshment, technology, furniture and meeting facility has been carefully curated with the goal of improving productivity and work experience. 

The space contains 74 private offices that can hold between two and 12 employees, as well as 80 hot desks. Offices and desks can be booked on a monthly or daily basis, according to the tenant’s needs.

Project data

Bean Buro Team
Design directors: Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Lorène Faure
Senior designers: Elspeth Lee, Isabel Entrambasaguas Usero, Pauline Paradis
Designers & assistants: Michelle Ho, Tommy Hui, Gigi Kwong, Abby Liu

Contractor / Project Management: Winsmart Contracting Co. Ltd

Branding consultant: Substance

Scent consultant: Et Projekt

Focus music consultant: Audio Couture

Vertical garden consultant: Patrick Blanc

Client: The Work Project