The Harbourside

Bean Buro was appointed to design a 1,000sqft apartment at The Harbourside, Kowloon Station, Hong Kong. The brief was to refurbish the existing tired apartment into a fresh, tidy, storage efficient apartment suitable for a young Swedish-Chinese city dweller with infrequent guests.

The design was inspired by a narrative exchange between European loft living and Asian functional flexibility. The lounge has a feature sculptural wooden wall that can fold and open up to the master bedroom, allowing maximum natural daylight from the bedroom’s window to filter through to the lounge. The aspiration is to create an open studio atmosphere to reflect the user’s contemporary life style, while allowing flexibility to partition the internal environment.

Bean Buro_The Harbourside_3.jpg

The window bays are lined with timber boards to reflect the poetic memories of the deep windows of Nordic architecture. They double up as horizontal seating or book space, and geometrically ‘frame’ the beautiful views of the panoramic harbour view of Hong Kong.

Similar to Dormer windows in European attics, the guest room window wall is sloped, creating a cozy and enclosed feeling. Concealed storage is thus created in the void space between the original straight wall and the new sloped wall surface.


The materials palette for the general architectural surface is light, natural and fresh, invigorated with a few joinery features. The project is a celebration of Nordic simplicity with an Asian twist. 

Project data

Bean Buro Team
Design directors: Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui
Designers & assistants: Katherine Leung, Yiki Liong, Tracy Shum

Client: Private