Between Exchanges of Architectural Narratives


The studio is an emerging architecture and interiors practice from London and Paris, led by Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, with a team of international designers to provide architecture, interior, furniture, product and masterplanning design services. The Hong Kong studio was opened in 2013, specialising in innovative workplaces, residential, F&B, retail, and hospitality for commercial and private clients. Together with our collaborators, we deliver a one stop service to include branding identity, graphics, art, lighting design, acoustics design, and AP / RSE services. 

The diversity of the practice with its collaborators reinforces a core vision for the practice: to respond to the exchanges of global cultural development factors, incorporating overlapping design disciplines in the social, economical and technological production of urban spaces.  With a strong believe in architecture being an emotional, spatial experience produced by both the user and the author, the design methodology involves the observation, speculation and analysis of contextual narratives. These narratives, or ‘stories’, generate dynamic exchanges of forces, resulting in inventive interventions inherent with humanistic delights.