Ruby for Jardine Restaurant Group

Bean Buro was tasked to provide an agile workspace for the merger of two iconic restaurant brands for Jardines Restaurant Group, the two iconic brand will be moving into a newly renovated 22,000sqft (2,044sqm) office in Whompoa Hong Kong. The new office space deviates from traditional offices, with aim to move the two offices towards paperless & agile work space, the new environment consist of department zoning and humanistic spaces to encourage physical interaction, with a centralized Café show-casing the company’s nostalgic roots, encourage staff and visitors alike to feel welcomed and increase personal engagement.

The workplace is split between 2no. of floors, visitors and staff are encouraged to come through the lower floor with a generous reception, the materiality of this staircase reflects the company’s strive to adapt and innovate.
— Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro
Traditional material such as terrazzo and timber veneer were given new meaning when used as the reception desk and volume. The existing staircase was refinished with a vibrant salmon colour to encourage daily use, connecting the 2 working floors.
— Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro

The workplace is a modern interpretation of a restaurant nostalgia, inspired by the deeply routed companies it represents, and drawing inspirations from these type of eatery spaces to transform a traditional cubical office into one that relies on open spaces with brake outs/café seating as well as collaborations booths.

The project embrases fresh colours such as muted green/blue and red, in response to the overall corporate colour, natural materials such as terrazzo and timber were chosen for the front of house and the café area to allow an airier feeling.

Once arrived onto the upper floor, there are a multitude of spaces that are catered for visitors as well as staff. The design encourages informal talks as well as semi private meetings in smaller phone booths. On the upper floor landing is also a taste kitchen where chefs test out menu as well as a food preparations spaces for internal events, equipped with electrical appliances. The use of red is apparent, and perhaps the meshed ceiling with integrated lighting will appear in one of JRG’s promotional videos filmed in this very taste kitchen in the near future. 

The boardroom that accommodate up to 16 people with additional seating platform has a vibrant carpet that divide itself from the rest of the café which relies on muted colours and layering frames. However, the boardroom also opens up to connect with the larger café area where staff are allowed to use a meeting spaces and additional collaboration spaces. The Café is design to fit up to 200 people for large gathering and town hall events.

The training room on the other hand draws inspiration from the boardroom with more toned-down materiality, employing writable glass and an operable partition to allow for individual training sessions, adding acoustic panel to aid the acoustic properties require for the function.

With 300 people moving into the new space, Bean Buro and client have agreed on a clean desk policy, with hot-desking arrangement where staff are to use lockers provided and clear their desks each day. Different departments are identified via floor and desk colour zoning, this move is to intergrade the company to the modernity of new work place design.

Overall, the client’s ambition of creating an up to date, collaborative office has allowed Bean Buro to explore different type of office space that is different from other more traditional offices from even within the Jardine group. The JRG Hong Kong office will serve as one of many to come in other locations around Asia including Taiwan, Macau and Vietnam.

Bean Buro Team

Design Directors: Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Lorène Faure

Senior Architectural Designer: Kirk Kwok

Architectural designers & assistants: Jay Jordan, Philippine Vidart, Linda Sze-To


Contractor: Winsmart.Contracting Co. Ltd

Project Manager: Winsmart.Contracting Co. Ltd

Client: Jardine Restaurant Group

Year: 2019


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