Located in on the beautiful mountains of Tai Tam Repulse Bay, the main concept for the 2800 sq ft. three bedroom apartment is to connect the internal living spaces to the external mountains landscape, through a series of layering wooden frames that perform different functions.

The material palette is natural and simplistic, to create a calm atmosphere for the Chinese couple to enjoy being at home surrounded by the beautiful mountains settings. The wooden flooring coherently connects all the vertical wooden frames to create a holistic spatial experience - The wooden frames simultaneously divide and connect the spaces through visual and material means.

Each wooden frame performs a different function such as entry threshold, dinning storage, living room display wall, and wine bar. Intricate wooden details on the wooden frames, and bespoke timber door handles, contribute to subtle moments to be appreciated.




Project data

Bean Buro Team
Design directors: Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Contractor / Project Manager: R&C Engineering. Co. Ltd

Client: Private