Green Oasis for Cigna

Well established locally since the 1930’s, Cigna is one of Hong Kong’s leading insurance provider. Alongside the launch of their new branding campaign in 2017, Cigna recognised the need to catch up on an office trend – one which celebrates a sociable, flexible and activity based working environment. With Bean Buro’s help, Cigna moved into the brand-new office space in Causeway Bay in Mid-2018.

Gentle disturbance

Cigna’s 8,576 square new office is a collection of personal work points, agile workspaces, enclosed meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and social spaces. The new office prioritises open collaboration and focuses on staff’s wellbeing, health and comfort. 

Bean Buro developed a narrative inspired by Christo’s “Gentle Disturbance”, where the artist uses colour to highlight scenery elements otherwise often under appreciated by the viewer. In Cigna’s workplace, a legible green sculptural backdrop ties the whole open plan together, while ‘coloured bays’ emerge to create social zones, such as the reception, pantry and break out spaces.

The juxtaposition of various spaces was further enhanced by the material selection. Inspired by Hong Kong’s scenery, the open plan’s materials are soft, natural and calm, featuring shades of muted green, pastel fabrics and a carpet inspired by pebble paths.
— Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui
In contrast, the social spaces introduce wooden finishes and pops of accented colours; intended to create an energetic and positive ambiance. The legibility of these social spaces encourages collaboration to boost productivity as well as staff wellbeing.
— Lorène Faure

Flexible collaborative workspace

Comparable to Christo’s island, the layout orientated around a central spline of enclosed meeting rooms (island) and a perimeter strip of open space (Christo’s “Gentle Disturbance”). The open office overlaps and merges from one space to the next providing both fixed working areas and flexible collaborative areas. All of which were eventually lead to a vibrant, yet supple common space filled opportunities for social interactions.


Bean Buro Team:  Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, Isabel Entrambasaguas Usero, Abby Liu, Pauline Paradis, Isabella Ducoli

Contractor / Project Manager: Mi2

MEP consultant: i.d.a. International

Client: Cigna

Year: 2018


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