Cheil Shanghai

Bean Buro used a minimal colour palette and feature staircase to turn three floors of a Shanghai office building, measuring 30,677sqft (2,850sqm), into a new workplace for the creative company Cheil. A main aim of the renovation was to create a communal space that connects the various levels and improves interaction between employees on different floors. This involved carving out a full-height atrium from the existing floor plates to bring a bright and spacious feel to the entrance and circulation areas, creating a pivotal point where the entire staff team and visitors can share ideas and interact. 

Bean Buro_Office_Cheil Shanghai Office_2.jpg

Breakout spaces and casual meeting areas are located at different points around the stairs area, while the stairs itself is conceived as a large event space, with a blank white projector wall for presentations. A custom made oxidised steel reception desk faces a library and casual café area on the ground floor of the atrium space, while a tree trunk art installation rises through the staircase void - enhancing its verticality and introducing a natural element to the material palette.

A multifunctional plywood wall wraps around the central core, connecting the different departments together and providing pin up walls, seating, and display areas, as well as discreet storage for coats and files. Open meeting rooms, closely connected with both breakout spaces and work clusters reinforce the informal approach to workplace design. 

The main pantry acts as a social hub for gathering and informal meetings. A shared floating table was incorporated around the existing columns in a V-shape, encouraging staff to interact during meals, while a raw plywood window bar was installed along the curved façade area, providing an opportunity to for solitary reflection, with views over Shanghai.  

Project data

Bean Buro Team
Design director: Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui
Senior designer: Elspeth Lee
Designers & assistants: Michelle Ho

Contractor: PLUSspace International

Project Manager: DTZ Cushman & Wakefield

Client: Cheil