Boathouse for Larvotto

In response to the growing work-from-home culture, Bean Buro transformed an apartment with large panoramic windows facing the harbour in Aberdeen into a balanced, calm and dynamic home office for a French couple with three cats.


2015 - Silver A’ Design Award Winner | 2015 - A+ Award Finalist People’s Choice | 2013 - ‘Best 10’ Asia Pacific Interior Design Award APIDA

Continuous blue 'ribbon'

The design involved the demolition of two existing partition walls, transforming the space from a cluttered apartment with three cellular bedrooms into an open studio apartment. The opening up of the spaces create panoramic window views, allowing the external boating environment to be experienced from inside.

The material palette is calm and refreshing, with a tranquil sea-blue colour chosen for the continuous blue ‘ribbon’ wall that floats and connects through all the different areas, and acts as the main spatial element for storing and displaying personal items. 

The main ‘Bean Table’ is an extension of this landscape, and is lit by two large pendant lights – forming the centrepiece of the lounge. This bespoke CNC cut table shape is wiggly and playful, acting as a meeting table by day and dining table by night.

The timber joinery surfaces were conceived as a ‘cat’s landscape’ that would rise and fall to provide a range of functions - wrapping the entry space with full height hidden storage doors, it then falls to seat-height along the panoramic windows to provide informal seating along the bay. Rising again as a half-height timber wall, it partitions the office and the lounge while preserving open panoramic views at eye level.
— Lorène Faure & Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Celebrating the views and natural daylight

The bedroom is separated from the main space by a concealed door, and contains an island bed unit, which faces the panoramic windows, allowing the scenery to be fully experiences. Full height mirrors are installed at the edges of each room’s end walls to extend the effect of the panoramic windows. The resulting experience is connected, intuitive and calm.


Bean Buro Team:  Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Client: Private

Year: 2013


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