Bean Tables for Residential, Hospitality, Workplace

The Bean Table’s designs explores new gathering typologies. Whist its playful edges draws some users together creating more private pockets of conversation, they can also avoid the awkward small talks by deliberately orienting users away from each other.

Inspired by traditional Chinese garden rock art, this impressive 4.8m long marble table installation is full of playful curves and appears to be floating. It functions as a dynamic 18 person sharing table for multipurpose events.
— Lorène Faure & Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

This concept for a large dinning table to be staged as a central piece in an interior space. The shape is full of playful wiggly curves, which dramatically departs from traditional formal symmetrical tables. It celebrates playfulness and increases social dynamics. The curves appear to be random at first sight, however each curve have been carefully designed to encourage a variety of seating positions; from small clusters of a few people, to one large party for eighteen people.

The set of wiggly and curvy conference tables has been artfully designed to break down the strict atmosphere of a traditional corporate conference room. These tables can be playfully re-arranged into four configurations to adapt to different functions, from one long arrangement for large-scale meeting, to smaller clusters for small-scale meetings - a reminder of the constant state of transitions as the key to creativity.

This sculptural centrepiece draws inspiration from traditional Chinese garden theories. Carefully sculpted forms appear to look organic and natural, yet they are innate with precise functions. Placing such sophisticatedly sculpted furniture in the centre of an environment serves more than just an eye candy, but increasing one’s intuition and interaction with the space.


Bean Buro Team:  Lorène Faure, Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Client: various

Year: various

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